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Damian santucci

Why do we take photos? Why do we capture?

My photography is about capturing the natural beauty around us that the

planet provides, with simple life moments. Every second of everyday, we

are creating this relationship, and those moments are where my lens leans.

Everything we do in our life is communicating and building relationships,

and those relationships are evoking opinion, emotion, and peace. The power of walking into a room being struck by a stagnant image that doesn’t flash, speak, or sing to you is true beauty. Use your eyes, and your mind, and let your heart do the rest…

Thank you for looking, and please feel free to contact me for info on any piece, or custom photography design for your home or office.

In addition to being a working and traveling photographer, I am the Senior Director of Production and Operations in Times Square NYC, and the college sports game director at Madison Square Garden. In 2013, I started Santucci Productions which specializes in Site Plan Design and operations logistics.


Visit for more info.


I currently live in Westchester County in New York.

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